What is 12Dimension theatre?

12D theatre offers an experience beyond virtual reality. This multifold technology features special seating, environment and motion effects responsive to the actions and motions of the movie in 12 dimensions. If you have experienced 3D or virtual reality before, 12D is going to impress you beyond your expectations.


The seating area provides 12 moving chairs with luxury large size seats on a deck facing a large 82 inch screen. The sound system is surround enriched quality. Special glasses are provided in the theatre to help viewers feel all the movie effects projected on the screen. Hydroelectric motion system creates a super realistic simulation of the motions in the movie.


Movies at Funland feature exciting action, dives, jumps, fights and thrills. Our movies are specially made for 12D experience and by buying each ticket you can watch two movies lasting 15 to 20 minutes.


Plots of our movie sets vary from adventurous roller coaster rides, driving in the city, travelling to exciting places in the world and fighter planes to a deep dive in ocean. Our movies are offered in the below categories:

Adventure, Disaster, Terror, Science fiction, flight, racing, education and war.


Dimension that you will experience are: motion, rain, water, snow, smoke, fog, bubble, lightening, wind, fire and more interactive surprises incorporated in the theater and seats.